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Could you make a tutorial where you load and save data to a database, preferably some sort of SQL database. So that we can create awesome RPG’s

10 votes


Could you make a tutorial about how to make that ennemies find their ways until you into a maze?

10 votes

Ai enemy in the shooter

I want to make a game similar to hotline Miami and the AI opponents can do. help me

8 votes

Online Hi-Scores

Could you make a system of online hi-scores that doesn’t rely on extensions?

8 votes

Fight game

2 players.
1 menu de seleccion de personajes.
Moves (forward, backward, crouch, jump)
bomb attack and special attack.
3 rounds.Death in the second round won.
second player –>cpu attack

5 votes

Portal Gun and Portals

I think you should make a video on how to make a portal gun and portals. I want it to be close as possible as Stabyourself’s indie game Mari0. Mari0 Link:

5 votes

My Awesome Submission

It would MEAN a lot to me if you did an isometric tutorial.
Your teaching method is exquisite.

4 votes

Paralax Space

Paralax Space and random generate Stars Both (Left, Right, Up, Down) !

4 votes

Track to nearest

Can you make a tutorial on how to make something track to the nearest object of a certain type?

4 votes

Can drive a cars like gta

Please make tutorial how to make player can enter any cars like gta…

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