Modified level editor

Loved the level editor video and example. Thought you might like to see a couple of little enhancements I’ve added…

Right click to pick up: This is just a functional improvement, I’ve always like Fusion’s right click to select a colour under the cursor in the picture editor as it makes editing so much faster so I have added the same to the level editor.

Placing only one tile per space: This is a small bug fix. The Repeat while left mouse button event would actually place the tile in the frame many times, once per frame while the mouse button is pressed down. Fusion keeps a list of background objects you add to a frame, even when on top of each other, which takes up resources (although small) and I suspect will have an upper limit (although that might be very high). I’ve made two small changes to help improve this situation:

1) I check if there is a different tile at that location in the array. If it is the same tile you already have selected, then the event does not occur – this stops duplicate actions while the mouse button is held down.

2) if there is a different tile at the location in the array then it is safe to assume the user wishes to change what is there so I remove the background object at the location before adding the new one.

I’ve changed one of the tiles to have a transparent area so you can see that it works.

I’ve enjoyed watching your videos so please keep them coming. I hope you’ll expand your series to include more on your level editor too.

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